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Dołącz do wyprawy 8000km Across Canada:
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2015-03-12 Day 51 Entering Rocky Mountains

How would you feel after a very short night when you arrived dead to the city? The day started late, at 10am I had a breakfast, come on, I had just 2 toasts, muffin and some orange juice, it's not enough!!! I didn;t tell you but I was so tired and in a bad mood that the day before after midnight I wanted to prepare a freeze dried food, from a package and I failed! I was supposed to add boiling water and I did it wrong, I was mad, I forced myself to eat this "soup" that should be chicken alfredo...

On a gas station I bought 4 bottles of powerade, 12-pac of water 12x500ml, expensive thing! And I was walking on Hwy 1, the Trans Canada. It was a good experience, the day wasn't so bad and the road flat at the beggining, downhill at some places. But you know, it was almost completely wild, I expected only 1 resort in the middle!

I had a good pace, I was motivated to be back in a city, I was heading to Revelstoke. When can I say more, I found a gas station that wasn't marked in google maps, but I was in a bad financial situation... I knew few more kilometers there should be a Crazy Creek Resort and I was heading there hopiing they would help me.

The last few kilometers I was walking in a darkness, luckily almost noone was driving there, you know, it's not an easy road to drive at night.

I arrived to the resort, in a reception I explained everything and they allowed me to put my tent there, they gave me acces to the bathroom for RVs and campers. It was nice, warm, big and clean, and the thing about that, noone was using it! Any Rvs in winter? Not really. Guess what came to my mind. Once I stepped inside, I didn't want to go out.

I turned on the heater and after a few minutes it was nice and warm! I decided to camp inside, I put my mattress and sleeping bag on a floor, it was better that sleeping outside in wet environment!

I can tell you, it was a good idea when I was inside my sleeping bag!

2015-03-12 Dzień 51 Wkraczam w wielkie góry

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