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2015-02-19 Day 30 Extreme dehydration next to Princeton

I survived the night in a tent in wilderness, ok, it's not a scary experience but I wanted to start this journal somehow. It was the frst night in really dry climate so there was no water on my gear, as always the days was nice. I made a movie for you to show my morning activities, enjoy!

This day was difficult, I was really hungry, I didn't provide enought calories despite eating a lot, in mountains I burn calories quickly. I was walking uphill all the time, there were a few summits on a highway.

I started to have troubles with water, by noon I run out of water and I had troubles. No river, no creeks, no wate falls next to the road. It was too dangerous to get water, snow, steep hills, you understand. Other option? Melting snow? Right, I tried it to make my breakfast, but as I was walking the clean snow was not accessible from the road. The only thingg I could melt was a dirty snow, so obviously there was a risk of chemical impurities, calcium chloride used to defrost highways, I would destroy my body quickly.

Finally I decided to melt some snow, I found something 2-3m next to the highway, white snow and I ggot about 600ml of water.  I put 2 magnesium tablets to have somethin in water. 300ml now, 300ml for later.

It was getting dark, 14km to Princeton, I decided to walk, I was really dehydrated so it would be danerous to stay and camp overnigght. Walking, walking and sufferin from dehydration, I  had troubles to talk and to concentrate... About 6km from Princeton, in complete darkness I was walking only thanks to my motivation. I found a house and I asked for water, people were scary but I got water, 1,5l of water. Not too much, 3km from the city the water run out...Than......

I saw a sign - Sandman INN 3km. I was in heaven, only 3km aand I will be safe!!!!! I arrived almost dead, a marathon in mountains with such a dehydration, painfull... I paid for a night and I went to the gas station on the other side of the road, I bougght about 5-6l of water, powerade, orange juice, apple juice, lemonade and other drinks. By midnight I drunk everything!

Other problem, no food in the city, everythin was closed so I picked up something from the gas station. It was really difficult to walk on this highway, winter is not as easy as summmer here!

2015-02-19 Dzień 30 Noc na dziko

Pracuję nad tym :)