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Dołącz do wyprawy 8000km Across Canada:
Dołącz, śledź, poznawaj!
2015-02-18 Day 29 Night in wilderness

I feel good and I am ready to go! My destination? Princeton, only 68km left. The plan was to do it in 3 days, however just in case I was ready for 2-days strech. I left Manning Park, the weather was nice, sun, no clouds, no wind, np cars on highway, really good conditions to walk.

I had a time to record few movies for you, 16km after Manning Park there were a gas station.... and the hard part beggins right here. I am in mountains so it was obvious I have to go uphill, Sunday summit, second highest point on my road to Princeton, difficult and steep. Trucks have big problem on this part of the road! Me too...

Mentally I was exhausted, really. It was etting dark and I was somewhere in the middle of the road, no place to put my tent, obviously a hard time. After walking an hour in the dark I found a good place, it was a runaway line, but there were a chance some car can stop there so I abandoned that place immediately. My GPS showed me that 50m in front of me there is a road, immagine the dark night and you don't see anything!

I was safe, behind snow there were a good and flat terrain. I had my dinner and I went straight to bed, but I had troubles to sleep...

2015-02-18 Dzień 29 Noc na dziko

Pracuję nad tym :)