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Dołącz do wyprawy 8000km Across Canada:
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2015-02-16 Day 27 Manning Park

COLD!!! The night was realy cold, -15*C in mountains but inside my sleeping bag it was warm and cozy. I had troubles to go out and start walking. I did a very smart move and I decided to wait until the sun rises and heats the tent so it's not frozen.

After a quick breakfast it was finally warm so I dried my equipment, I prepared to go. Only 17km to Manning Park Ski REsort. Easy? I don't think so!

I was climbin uphill all the time, Hope was at the elevation of 40m, and today the Alisson Pass was at 1350m !!! Difficult days for me...

I had chance to use my Life Straw filter to drink some water from a water falls, really good! But I did a mistake and I didn't take that water with me, I arrived dehydrated to Manning Park. In the store I had to buy a lot of drinks and food, it was really diccicult to climb with sucha heavy bacpack.

I was lucky, thre were a motel for only 38$ for a night, my room had a bed and internet, that's all. But that was more than enough! I was happy I could stay there for a night!

2015-02-16 Dzień 27 Manning Park

Pracuję nad tym :)