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2015-03-03 Day 42 I made it to Vernon

I started in a place where I finished, in Tim Hortons. I was walking without my cart so it was extremely easy, but I say it too quickly... First part was nice, on a flat road net to the lake, not the Okanagan Lake but some other, I think Woods Lake. I made some nice photos, check it out!

I didn't want to walk on a highway, I decided to walk abandoned rails, 7-8km and it was difficult, it took me a lot of time and I knew it would be difficult iin the evening, feet hurt so much!

I arrived home around 9pm, but finally I made it to Vernon! I was feling cold, I knew I met someone sick and the flu virus spreaded, it was difficult as the next day I was leaving big city and walking toward a small s**t!

I had troubles to sleep...

2015-03-03 Dzień 42 Doszedłem do Vernon

Pracuję nad tym :)