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2015-02-23 Day 34 Jellicoe Bed and Breakfast - great apple juice

Last night was cold! The humidity was high so there were some water in my tent, not really good for my sleeping bag... When I was preparing my equipment to go something really crazy happened! 3 cars arrived to the fire station, they stopped and people were looking at me. The guy from one car opened the window and..... he said: "Hello Jakub!"

I was absolutely shocked! He expained me that we spoke on the phone and he is from Jellicoe B&B, I called them to ask about the road and to get some more informations. And I was invited for a night for free!!!!

I was happy I don''t have to sleep another night in my tent I packed my equipment and the B&B wa only 16km from the fire station, I did it in 2,5h! NICE! It was mostly flat with a few hills on my way, but nothing special.

As I arrived were were talking about y journey, having dinner, and I was drinking fresh, home made apple juice, it was really great, you can never find something like that in a store!

Faith in huanity restored.

2015-02-23 Dzień 34 Jellicoe Bed and Breakfast i sok jabłkowy

Pracuję nad tym :)